Design Story


Kindlette was founded by Jennifer Swanson who resides in a small, beautiful suburb of NYC. For many years Jen was a designer in the handbag industry and has a background in graphic design. She is committed to providing great, consistent craftsmanship and unique, quality handmade goods.

Each design is made in limited quantities, if not one-of-a-kind.




Kindlette is an eclectic mixture of burneresque and bohemian styles with a wide range of flirty detailing and touches of edginess. The Kindlette vibe reflects Jen's draw to a detailed and funky yet tailored style. It encompasses experiences and amazing memories from festivals and events alongside some of the most inspiring people, many of whom have become dear friends.

Kindlette Flow Arts

Jen has been a Poi & Hoopdancer / Flow Artist / Fire Performer / Installation Artist for over six years, teaching the flow arts at events like Wildfire Retreat and making props such as Hula Hoops and Poi, and providing granted installation art at events such as Burning Man, PEX Summerfest and other Burning Man regional events across the East Coast. She's recently started a Hoop Ballet Fusion series on Youtube and to her surprise, has already had both of her videos featured on!

Keepsake Creatures

Keepsake Creatures takes the adorable qualities of cute animals and transforms them into belt bags and small pouches. Some of Jen's favorite pieces through the years have been easy-to-carry and hands-free bags for every day use. This was the inspiration for Keepsake Creatures; they are great for all ages and make unique gifts.

My Design Story

"While attending the School Of Visual Arts in NYC, I was lucky enough to intern for a fashion/accessory company which would soon snowball my career within the industry. As much as I excelled as a designer in these corporate positions, I still needed to release the creative energy that I wasn't able to express in my day to day job. Don't get me wrong, I had amazing experiences, learned so incredibly much, excelled in my positions and traveled the world many times over from Rome to Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more, designing handbags and fashion accessories for top name brands. Though, my drive to achieve more as an artist and maker had lingered and the desire to create couldn't be ignored. So I began tinkering around with materials and different smaller projects (which you can find here on my Kindlette Tumblr page and here on my website under Seasons of the Past). I didn't really know what I wanted to do long term, because I had so many ideas, so I just started making. One of my favorite adventures has been to just walk around art shops, material shops and trim shops in NYC for hours, looking at each trim, leather, bead, stud, comparing and studying glues, threads, dyes, zippers, etc. Today, I'm so glad to have spent so much time in these shops, because my obsession has given me a fantastic understanding of materials, hardwares and mediums available, and also which are the best options."

Studio & Design Process

"Over the years, I've kind of unknowingly, surrounded myself with items and inspirations that have developed my work into what it is today. It's like I created a real life motivation board, or a Pinterest board, or even my own art supply shop, within my studio space. It has been a natural progression of gathering the things that inspire and I've found useful. Now that I'm doing what I absolutely love to do, it's all come together and I couldn't imagine building my studio in any other way. I like all of my materials to be visible so when I look around the studio I can instantly see my options when designing. I feel surrounded by limitless possibilities."
Kindlette LLC was launched on 11.11.11



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