Hoop Sizing

What size hoop is right for me?

For adults, any dance hoop that comes up to your belly button, is a good place to start. On average, a 36" is a good place to start if you're going with polypro. In general, the smaller the hoop, the harder it is to keep it going around your body. To throw it out there, most of my polypro hoop orders are for 34"-36" hoops. I personally started with a 36", moved down to 34" and now prefer 31" hoops.I like the 31" because I can criss-cross my arms and still have a grip, in addition to being able to move quickly(or slowly) and do a lot of tech, dance and flow. In general, hoopers tend to move down in size as they get better although some seasoned hoopers still prefer larger hoops. There are different reasons for this. Some hoopers like to hoop with larger movements and flow a little slower to really glide along through their hooping or for specific tricks. The larger hoops(36"-38") are a lot better for that type of movement. The great thing about polypro is that it's light enough, even in the larger sizes, to try a lot of tech, isolations and such. Larger sizes are super for learning new tech moves because of the size, you have more time to work through the moves. As hoopers move down in size, they usually do so because they become more comfortable moving with the hoops and like to do quicker and more technical movements. This isn't always the case, but just to give you an idea of why someone might move down in size.
In the end, hoopers might end up with an array of different sizes and weights. Maybe one size is great for really technical movements, maybe another is great for when they do off body stuff, or tosses, or isos, or jumps & twirls. On the flip side some prefer the one size and stick to it. It's all personal preference & conclusions based upon the personal journey through a world of hooping exploration.

What size should I get for a child?

30" is a standard size for children. 

How do you measure the hoops?

Hoops are measured center to center of tubing, calculated by standard circumference formula, C+π*D (Circumference = pi * Diameter)


NOTE: Polypro does not always keep a perfectly round shape. To get the most accurate hoop measurement, measure from OD to ID by holding the ruler on the OD side and toggling the ruler up and down on the other ID side. Rotate the hoop and measure again. All of Kindlette's hoops are measured using C=pi*D which for the following sizes equals the following measurements in inches when tubing is laying flat:

18" Hoop = 57" Tubing

19" Hoop = 60" Tubing

20" Hoop = 63" Tubing

21" Hoop = 66" Tubing

22" Hoop = 69" Tubing

23" Hoop = 72" Tubing

24" Hoop = 75" Tubing

25" Hoop = 79" Tubing

26" Hoop = 82" Tubing

27" Hoop = 85" Tubing

28" Hoop = 88" Tubing

29" Hoop = 91" Tubing

30" Hoop = 94" Tubing

31" Hoop = 97" Tubing

32" Hoop = 101" Tubing

33" Hoop = 104" Tubing

34" Hoop = 107" Tubing

35" Hoop = 110" Tubing

36" Hoop = 113" Tubing

37" Hoop = 116" Tubing

38" Hoop = 119" Tubing

and so on...


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